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Posted on 12-05-2016

Patients often come to my office with long term "chronic" low back pains which are yet unresolved, after trying "everything", including chiropractic manipulation.  Many health care providers do not take into account the affects of scar tissue in the body which often produces chronic pains.  If the problem in not diagnosed properly, the treatment with not resolve the condition.    A few brief examples:

When our low backs are subject to prolonged sitting, it not only can cause stress to the joints of the lumbar spine with resultant facet scar tissue formation.  But it can also create scar formation in the myofascial tissues of the low back and subdermal layers in the skin.   Spinal manipulation therapy can effectively release this biomechanical pathology of motion in the low back, but will not address or treat the biomachanical pathology in the myofacia or skin.  Therefore the patient will continue to suffer chronic low back pain.  Our office employs simple and effective soft tissue manipulations specifically designed to effectively treat these problems.  The skin portion of this problem is treated by a technique called skin rolling, and when done properly, is very effective in progressing these stubborn cases of low back pains.  

This same concept applies to chronic recurring pains through out our bodies.  Therefore the presence of scar tissue and its relationship with chronic pains must be understood by the doctor and properly treated to find success in treatment.

I have seen many patients with these types of chronic cases, who were not previously treated properly, make remarkable improvements with simple scar tissue release therapy.

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