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Posted on 10-11-2016

First blog ever.  After 34 years as a Chiropractic Physician, you would think I wouldn't still be excited about helping my patients get well, but I am.  As an experienced practitioner, I have learned so many more techniques and treatment skills over the years.  I would like to attempt blogging weekly about some of the great experiences I have in my clinic by reviewing one or two interesting cases.

I obviously will not mention names and will try to not be to descriptive or gross some of the readers out. I will also combine visits, and some similar cases to illustrate the point. 

Case 1: Symptoms: chronic sinus pressure, congestion, sleep apnea.  Diagnosis, related anatomy: Chronic infections and or trauma produces inflammation, which in turn produces persistent scar tissue formation.  Scar tissue may occur in nasal passage ways, obstructing air flow around and through concha and the meatus openings. Scar tissue may also develop in the lower neck, directly above the sternal notch, and supraclavicular space adversely affecting lymphatic drainage from the Jugular lymphatic trunk and the Subclavian trunk.  This causes a congestion and backup of lymph which can congest frontal and maxillary sinus. Treatment:  First step is Specific targeted deep massage to Superior Medastinum and superior clavicular spaces.  Many patients can feel a release of head pressure as lymphatics begin to drain and flow normally.  This week I added the second step to one of my patients which was to insert my gloved, KYed little finger into the obstructed side of the nasal passage to manually reduce any scar tissue.  Technique worked well, and patient is much improved.

Take away point:  Our bodies accumulate scar tissue any time they are traumatized through force, or infection.  A common byproduct is inflammation and resultant scar tissue formation.  In the above case it occurred in the nasal passage ways and lower neck regions.  This obstructed normal function.  This same process may occure anywhere in the body - joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, visceral paratinea - stomach area, etc.  This problem is usually unrecognized, undiagnosed, and therefore mistreated.  Is is so great to perform a simple, safe procedure and see great outcome without drugs or surgery!

MK Hobson 

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